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NP Foods Unveils the Potato Enhancer: A Game-Changer for

Snack Manufacturers

As the cost of potatoes continues to climb in the current market, snack manufacturers are facing a squeeze on their margins. Thankfully, innovative solutions are emerging to help them navigate these challenges. Discover NP Foods' Potato Enhancer, a revolutionary product from our Product Improvers series.

Standard Recipe for the Potato Cracker:


The Secret Ingredient for Enhanced Flavour and Aroma:

The Potato Enhancer is more than just an improver agent; it's a food additive designed specifically for potato-based snacks. This innovative product works its magic by intensifying the natural potato flavour and aroma of your snacks. By adding this potent enhancer, manufacturers can achieve a rich, authentic potato experience in their products without needing as much potato flake.

Unlocking Cost Savings:
Here's the real kicker: the Potato Enhancer allows manufacturers to significantly reduce the amount of potato flakes used in their recipes. We recommend a usage rate of only 0.5-1.0% to achieve the desired result. This translates directly to cost savings on the most expensive ingredient in your potato-based snacks.

More Than Just Savings:
The Potato Enhancer isn't just about cost-cutting. It also offers a versatile solution for manufacturers looking to:

  • Enhance the sensory experience: Enhance your snacks with a more intense and authentic potato taste and aroma.

  • Maintain consistent flavour: Ensure consistent potato flavour across your product line, even with slight variations in potato flake quality.

  • Create new flavour profiles: Use the Potato Enhancer as a base to explore innovative flavour combinations for your snacks.

A Win-Win for Everyone:
The Potato Enhancer is a game-changer for the snack industry. Manufacturers can benefit from:

  • Reduced production costs: Save money by using less potato flakes.

  • Enhanced flavour and aroma: Deliver an even more delicious and authentic potato experience.

  • Improved product consistency: Maintain a consistent flavour profile batch after batch.

​Consumers can experience:

  • Delicious potato snacks they love: Enjoy the full potato flavour without breaking the bank.

  • Affordable treats: Snacking satisfaction without inflation-driven price hikes.

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